Buckeye Named Most Affordable City to Buy a Car

By Sydney Maki, Phoenix Business Journal

Buying a vehicle in Buckeye could save buyers $966 compared to the average cost in the rest of Arizona, according to a study by Autolist.com.

That makes Buckeye the most affordable place in the state to purchase a new vehicle.

Scottsdale and Tempe followed as the next most affordable areas to buy in Arizona, averaging $441 and $395 in savings, respectively.

Phoenix ranked fourth in Arizona and was deemed the 191st most affordable city in the U.S. On average, a vehicle in Phoenix costs $367 less than average in Arizona and $268 less than the average in other U.S. cities, according to the study.

Across the country, Autolist.com found Arizona to be No. 9 on the list, averaging $244 less expensive than other states.

In Phoenix, the Hyundai Genesis topped the list as most affordable vehicle, costing $1,411 less than the state’s average. From there, the GMC Yukon XL and Chevrolet Traz round out Phoenix’s top three.

The top five most affordable vehicles in Arizona are:

  1. Ford Expedition EL , $2,236 below the national average
  2. BMW X1 , $1,734 below the national average
  3. Chevrolet Suburban , $1,684 below the national average
  4. Infiniti Q50 , $1,662 below the national average
  5. Jeep Cherokee , $1,340 below the national average


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